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A2 News stories September 18, 2009

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Below are your news stories which you completed in your News Theory lessons this week. Comments welcome folks:


Over the past week there has been two significant robberies in Kettering. These robberies have been linked to the Wan family (Michael, 44, wife Deborah, 37, and son Justin, 18) who owned the Avondale chip shop which has recently burnt down.

This was discovered by a senior police officer (Jim Crunch So) when he was investigating one of the crimes. He discovered a wedding ring in Sainsbury’s where six tills were robbed, and linked to this a recent robbery at Abbey National where a similar ring was discovered.

Recently, there has been suggestions that the Wan family were going to use the money for Justin’s Uniersity funds but as they didn’t make enough money from the robberies, they decided to burn their shop down too, hoping to get money from their insurers.

The police have released a statement advising that both Michael and Deborah have been released on bail. Son Justin was not linked to any of the events and could not be charged.

By Laura, Catherine and Sophie

Kettering has been hit by a wave of arson and robbery. Residents are outrage by the crime hit.

The first attack was on a Chippy on the Avondale Road. Owners Deborah and Michale Wan watched as their life long successful business burnt to ashes.
Police suspect negligence was involved for insurance money. Son Justin is attending University in September and ha a minimum wage job at the local Sainsbury’s was coincidentally robbed of £700 in the early hours. Shelf stackers failed to notice the masked men steal from six tills.

In addition, there has also been a robbery at the local Abbey National whereby £1,000 was stolen in the same week. CCTV found nothing.

By Ellie, Amy and Clare

It seems over the past five years, crime in Kettering, Northamptonshire has escalated to phenomenal heights. With offenders averaging at the age of 19, it’s no wonder these string of unrelated events has caused uproar with the twons representatives.

The first of the obscure events was Abbey National bank on the market street. The criminals smashed through he sliding doors and ignoring the brutal alarm, managed to steal £1,000.

As of yet, the police have failed to find the suspects but, with a recent appearance on Crimewatch, they hope to arrest the culprits as soon as possible.

Following this robbery, only two weeks on, it seemed as if the criminals had cleaned up their sloppy act. A very recent robbery at Sainsbury’s on Rockington Road left employees flabbergasted. After cutting the pane of glass from the door, they managed to slip in and out again completely unnoticed.

By Alice, Jorden and Lauren

galloway 1

All over the country people have been ringing in on George Galloways radio slot pranking and mocking serious news topics.

Teenagers began this ‘raid’ on the internet, which then led to more and more youngsters joining in. Starting on a massive imageboard website, 4chan.org, which is known for its perverse and shocking humour.

Fans of 4chain have ‘raided’ many websites such as Twitter and Habbo.com. This week two youngsters mocked the story of the child beaten to death by two other children. Shouting “boys will be boys” on national radio, this just shows that children today are unruly and have no respect for serious topics.

By Simon, Kieran and Joe

Two local Northampton teens caused havoc on George Galloways radio show.

Two weeks ago on September 2nd, the above teens called the Gallaway talk show making oputrageous and offensive comments concerning the Sheffield Crown Court case whereby two boys lured him into park and later smashed his skull in with a sink.

By Sammi, Sammi and Keri

On the 10th September George Gallaway got publicly humiliated when two boys rang in to his chat show ‘Talk Sport’ and embarrassed him live on air.

The two boys from Northampton used a string of fake names such as Gloria Stits and Hugh Janus which George read out on last nights show.

They were just two of the people who tried to humiliate the Big Brother star and this shows that nobody can take him seriously.

Not only were there fake names used but people were calling up and making sarcastic stories to do with something different from the point being made by George himself, which showed a lack of respect for the rejected politician.

By Jess, Steph and Chris



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