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Libel case for you to commit to your memories December 8, 2009

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Thank you to Kieran for highlighting this story about actor Ron Livingston who is suing Wikipedia after the page about him wrongly claimed that he was gay.

This is a great story to bear in mind when thinking about regulation, as Livingston is suing on the basis of libel and invasion of privacy. If it had been printed in a newspaper, then the PCC would be able to uphold the complaint fairly easily, but as this was published in an online website where everybody is free to change the content of the pages, this does present Mr Livingston’s lawyers with a bit of a problem.

For Livingston’s career, claims such as these can damage his ability to get work, he could easily be typecast in future roles. But is it really an invasion of privacy considering he’s a public figure?



1. SI - December 8, 2009

Im gonna have to print all this out ain’t i lol

ncfdmedia - December 9, 2009

no you won’t – that’s the joy of this blog, all of the contemporary media issues you will need for your exam will be forever on this blog (until I delete them after you lot have left).

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