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The faux pas that could cost Bruno £70 million December 9, 2009

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Once again, thank you to Kieran for highlighting a story about Sacha Baron Cohen being sued for over the portrayal of Palestinian grocer and peace activist Ayman Abu Aita in his hit film Bruno.

Abu Aita was labeled a terrorist in the mockumentary and Baron Cohen told a wonderful yarn to David Letterman back in June when the film was released. Check out the interview below.

It turns out that Abu Aita is in fact a peace activist, who thought he was meeting with a German filmaker about producing a film about the Palestinian cause. Not exactly close to being a terrorist but it got a few laughs on Letterman. Unfortunately, those laughs could cost Baron Cohen up to $70 million in libel damages – half of the films profits as Abu Aita is claiming that the film created a slur on his character and his grocery business is now ruined. Check out the full story and excerpts of the interview here.



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