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The power of the people December 16, 2009

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This weeks crazy Christmas chart battle is great fodder for something that we like to call “We Media.” We – that’s you and I – have the power, through social networking sites such as facebook and myspace to make a difference. Ok, it would be nice to see this tool being used to maybe overthrow the banking system or deport John and Edward rather than in a contentious battle in order to piss Simon Cowell off. But I digress…

The campaign, mounted by one Jon Morter and his wife, urged members of a facebook group to download a Rage Against The Machine track ‘Killing In The Name’ in order to stop Cowell’s massive empire from securing the Chirstmas number one slot for the fifth consecutive year. And they’re currently in the lead on digital downloads, although Joe McElderry’s ‘The Climb’ gets its physical release tomorrow which is expected to provide a huge boost to sales.

Check the Guardian’s extensive covereage here and watch how this battle unfolds at the weekend. Whilst we’re on the subject of Mr McElderry however, today’s papers ran a front page story whereby McElderry professesed to be a chick-loving-but-way-too-busy-to-date-girls kinda guy. Don’t be fooled. This is a prime example of Simon Cowell and Max Clifford’s media manipulation playing out right before your eyes.



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