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What a Dappy mare January 16, 2010

Posted by snjones1980 in Uncategorized.

The BBC. The bastion of British Broadcasting. And when things go wrong, the press are quick to jump down their throats (and why not? We pay them well over £100 a year for the privilege of receiving their services).

This week the company is in trouble for allowing one of the members of MOBO award winning band (how did that happen?) N-Dubz to respond to a listener who had sent in a text criticising the band. Lead “singer” Dappy sent the following response to the said listener: “Your gonna die, U sent a very bad msg towards N Dubz on The Chris Moyels show yesterday Morning and for that reason u will never be left alone!! If u say sorry I will leave u alone u ****”.

Note the correct use of grammar and punctuation.

Anyhow, what this little story does is to once again leave the BBC open for criticism for allowing N-Dubz to obtain the listeners contact details. In this day and age of on-line democracy, should celebrities behave in this way? Surely freedom of speech should mean that listeners to a radio station should not be fearful of sending in their comments about one of the most talentless and idiotic acts to come out of Britain in the last decade?

One guess where the story originated from. Check your answer here.



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