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BBC cuts hit the radio network hard February 26, 2010

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A colleague of mine will be deeply upset by the announcement today that the BBC are cutting 6Music and BBC Switch from its radio portfolio.

In The Times’ report today it’s claimed that “the BBC will pledge to leave its commercial rivals to take the lead role in serving teenagers, and will announce the closure of its teen brands, BBC Switch and Blast!”. The Times also says that BBC Worldwide must dispense with its magazines arm, which includes Top Of The Pops magazine.

Interestingly, a sad day for 6Music listeners is also a sad day for Radio 1 listeners because the closure of 6Music will have a huge impact on Radio 1’s playlist. According to The Times, “Andy Parfitt, the [Radio 1] Controller, will be told that the demise of 6 Music will lead Radio 1 to become the corporation’s only major outlet for popular [by popular they mean not classical or opera shit] music. He will be ordered to tie the station more closely to 1Xtra, its digital counterpart, with greater cross-promotion”.

What this seems to suggest is that Radio 1 will have to take on board 6Music music and 1Xtra music, playing more alternative and urban tuneage meaning that the station will now have more genres to fit in. Will Radio 1 be able to find room for a new Mini Viva, or a new Pixie Lott, or a new JLS? Considering that we pay the license fee so that the BBC is able to provide us with a diverse range of music, shouldn’t some of those millions thrown at shows such as Doctor Who be moved around a bit?



1. Kieran. - February 26, 2010

This blog is becoming the bearer of bad news.
no more cool mashups like gary numan and little boots! .

2. Kieran. - February 26, 2010

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