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Get sexy right now February 26, 2010

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The Government has decided to rain on everyone’s parade by releasing a report this week that recommends age restrictions on lads mags and music videos.

The research has been carried out by London Metropolitan University psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos (I kid you not), and argues that the growing prevalence of sexualised images in magazines, television, mobile phones and computer games is having a damaging effect on children and young people.

Amongst the recommendations the report makes is a system of 16 and 18 certificates for magazines such as Nuts and Zoo, and that music videos such as Shakira’s infamous leg-bending-flesh-stocking She Wolf opus should only be shown after the watershed.

The Guardian has some fantastic coverage of the story here and here with some excellent quotes which can be used for your exams. What do you think? As a nation are we exposing our children to too much sex? Does it really affect how children behave? Have you been affected directly by what you watch? Personally, after watching that Shakira video I ran straight to my local Primark, brought some tights and made up a rather fetching outfit which I’ll show you all if you get A’s in your exam.



1. Kieran. - February 26, 2010

I’m holding you to that primark outfit,
this is stupid… I saw it a while ago but didn’t think it would ever pass.

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