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A2 Posting audio clips March 31, 2010

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Right you lot, I know you’re struggling to post clips on your blogs, so this is the fail safe way of doing it.

Firstly, you will need to convert your clip to a video file. You are only able to do this on a Mac as you will need to open up Final Cut Pro. Once opened, you’ll see that the layout is very similar to Soundtrack Pro with regards to your timeline, but now you’ll have an additional V1 timeline (highlighted in red on the picture below – it’s the top circle).

Like you do in Soundtrack Pro, you will need to drag your mp3 clip on to the Audio timeline. At this stage you won’t have any visuals, so you will need to drag some still images onto the video timeline.

Once you have input the mp3, you will notice a red line at the top of your timeline, this means your audio file needs to be rendered – don’t ask me what it means, just press the “apple key + r” to make the red line go away.

You will then need to drag some images on to the V1 timeline so that your when the video is posted to youtube, your viewers will actually be able to see something when your clip is playing. Use your Newspaper Ad for this. You may need to shorten the length of your image to bring it in line with the length of your audio clip.

Then click on export and make it a Quicktime movie.

Voila. Your clip is ready to be posted to youtube. Once you’ve uploaded it to youtube it’s dead easy to add it to your blog, simply click on insert movie clip, make sure you select to insert it from URL rather than from your computer.


Mindless self indulgence March 26, 2010

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I’ve been trying to think of ways in which I can relate this to the syllabus and quite frankly, I can’t. So this is a little self indulgent post spreading the word of the new Nightmare on Elm Street remake, the original being one of my favourite movies ever. Trailer looks fantastic, but be warned, it’s not for the faint hearted.

A2 Coursework: Who’s your audience? March 25, 2010

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A common and traditional method of audience research is known as demographics. This defines the adult population largely by the work that they do. It breaks the population down into 6 groups, and labels them by using a letter code to describe the income and status of the members of each group.

Producers need to know the demographics of their potential audience so that they can shape their text or product to appeal to a group with known viewing habits. Producers of a television programme about DIY would have a target audience with a C2 demographic for example.

As well as demographics, you also need to consider the psychographic profile of your audience. This is a way of describing an audience by looking at the behaviour and personality traits of its members. Psychographics labels a particular type of person and makes an assessment about their viewing and spending habits.

The advertising agency Young and Rubican invented a successful psychographic profile known as their 4C’s Marketing Model http://www.4cs.yr.com The 4 Cs stand for Cross Cultural Consumer Characterisation. They put the audience into groups with labels that suggest their position in society.

A handout with the different categories is available here: demographics-and-psychographics1. Remember that you need to be referencing your audience as ABC1 or C2DE and explain why your radio drama appeals to this audience.

Don’t forget the other mandatory areas when describing your audience i.e. age, gender, ethnicity and sexuality.

You’ll never look at Woody the same again… March 21, 2010

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Another great mashup to add to the collection.

Postmodern eyewear March 21, 2010

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Great advert to discuss for postmodernism, any ideas why?

The new Epad March 16, 2010

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Is this a postmodern media text? Discuss.

AS Media: Institutions and Ownership March 11, 2010

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Here’s the PowerPoint from this weeks session: Institutions and ownership

For your PowerPoint presentation you must include information about a minimum of two media institutions which could publish your magazine.

You will need to explain why your chosen media institution is a suitable choice for your publication, and included in your response must be detailed answers to the following questions:

How long has the institution been around for?
What magazines do the institution produce?
What kind of audiences does the institution cater for?
How does the institution (or any of its publications) use cross media convergence?
How does the institution use technology with its magazine products?

A2 Media Regulation: An essential case! March 10, 2010

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The Press Complaints Commission have uploaded their response to the Jan Moir article from the Daily Mail about the death of Stephen Gately which received over 25,000 complaints – the most the PCC has ever received.

Despite the fact that the complaints were not upheld by the PCC, what’s interesting to note is the fact that they’ve used the old reliable “freedom of speech” card to justify why they’re not upholding the complaint, stating that Moir was allowed her own opinion.

They state that “the price of freedom of expression is that often commentators and columnists say things with which other people may not agree, may find offensive or may consider to be inappropriate. Robust opinion sparks vigorous debate; it can anger and upset. This is not of itself a bad thing. Argument and debate are working parts of an active society and should not be constrained unnecessarily.” Read the full PCC response here.

Hmm. So ultimately, any journalist can say anything about anyone, but as long as it’s an opinion that’s just fine. Well in that case, Jan Moir is a c***. Just an opinion folks.

AS Media: Audience feedback March 4, 2010

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Your homework today was to type up a questionnaire, ask 10 people to complete it and then write up and analyse your results in the audience feedback section of your PowerPoint. Don’t forget that you need a mix of both qualitative (quotes and opinions) and quantitative (numbers and statistics) data.

A copy of the demographics/psychographics handout can be downloaded here: Demographics and Psychographics.

The kind of questions we looked at today were as follows:



What genre of music do you listen to?

What do you like / dislike about my magazine?

Would you buy the magazine? Why?

How much would you pay for my magazine?

Is the magazine well presented?

A2 Film: Essay question March 3, 2010

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Despite its highly saturated market, Manga is exceptionally popular in Japan. Using carefully chosen examples, explain why this lucrative business model is unsuccessful elsewhere in the world.