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A2 Media Regulation: An essential case! March 10, 2010

Posted by snjones1980 in Uncategorized.

The Press Complaints Commission have uploaded their response to the Jan Moir article from the Daily Mail about the death of Stephen Gately which received over 25,000 complaints – the most the PCC has ever received.

Despite the fact that the complaints were not upheld by the PCC, what’s interesting to note is the fact that they’ve used the old reliable “freedom of speech” card to justify why they’re not upholding the complaint, stating that Moir was allowed her own opinion.

They state that “the price of freedom of expression is that often commentators and columnists say things with which other people may not agree, may find offensive or may consider to be inappropriate. Robust opinion sparks vigorous debate; it can anger and upset. This is not of itself a bad thing. Argument and debate are working parts of an active society and should not be constrained unnecessarily.” Read the full PCC response here.

Hmm. So ultimately, any journalist can say anything about anyone, but as long as it’s an opinion that’s just fine. Well in that case, Jan Moir is a c***. Just an opinion folks.



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