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A2 Coursework: Who’s your audience? March 25, 2010

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A common and traditional method of audience research is known as demographics. This defines the adult population largely by the work that they do. It breaks the population down into 6 groups, and labels them by using a letter code to describe the income and status of the members of each group.

Producers need to know the demographics of their potential audience so that they can shape their text or product to appeal to a group with known viewing habits. Producers of a television programme about DIY would have a target audience with a C2 demographic for example.

As well as demographics, you also need to consider the psychographic profile of your audience. This is a way of describing an audience by looking at the behaviour and personality traits of its members. Psychographics labels a particular type of person and makes an assessment about their viewing and spending habits.

The advertising agency Young and Rubican invented a successful psychographic profile known as their 4C’s Marketing Model http://www.4cs.yr.com The 4 Cs stand for Cross Cultural Consumer Characterisation. They put the audience into groups with labels that suggest their position in society.

A handout with the different categories is available here: demographics-and-psychographics1. Remember that you need to be referencing your audience as ABC1 or C2DE and explain why your radio drama appeals to this audience.

Don’t forget the other mandatory areas when describing your audience i.e. age, gender, ethnicity and sexuality.



1. ellie180592 - March 25, 2010

The link isn’t working for me, just getting 900 pages of randomness

ncfdmedia - March 26, 2010

That’s because it’s docx format, I’ve reuploaded it as an old style .doc file so it should work for you now.

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