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A2 Posting audio clips March 31, 2010

Posted by snjones1980 in Uncategorized.

Right you lot, I know you’re struggling to post clips on your blogs, so this is the fail safe way of doing it.

Firstly, you will need to convert your clip to a video file. You are only able to do this on a Mac as you will need to open up Final Cut Pro. Once opened, you’ll see that the layout is very similar to Soundtrack Pro with regards to your timeline, but now you’ll have an additional V1 timeline (highlighted in red on the picture below – it’s the top circle).

Like you do in Soundtrack Pro, you will need to drag your mp3 clip on to the Audio timeline. At this stage you won’t have any visuals, so you will need to drag some still images onto the video timeline.

Once you have input the mp3, you will notice a red line at the top of your timeline, this means your audio file needs to be rendered – don’t ask me what it means, just press the “apple key + r” to make the red line go away.

You will then need to drag some images on to the V1 timeline so that your when the video is posted to youtube, your viewers will actually be able to see something when your clip is playing. Use your Newspaper Ad for this. You may need to shorten the length of your image to bring it in line with the length of your audio clip.

Then click on export and make it a Quicktime movie.

Voila. Your clip is ready to be posted to youtube. Once you’ve uploaded it to youtube it’s dead easy to add it to your blog, simply click on insert movie clip, make sure you select to insert it from URL rather than from your computer.



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