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The Digital Economy Bill – a new law to get your head around April 11, 2010

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Rushed through Parliament last week was the highly controversial Digital Economy Bill which has now been made law after a mere two hours of debate in central government which was a bit naughty. The Bill means that your Internet Service Provider will supply the music and film industries with information about everything you’ve downloaded and then seek a court order to cut off your internet connection. Have a gander at the following video clip from Mark Thomas which explains it all.

Considering that the Government were advised by the media industry who exclaimed that they were losing millions due to illegal file sharing, one has to wonder whose interests the Government are acting in. Considering that 100 years ago the film and music industries did not exist (nor did the billions of pounds in profit they’ve been making), surely they should be embracing change rather than challenging it? Would Lily Allen have made it to number one without her myspace website? Could the Blair Witch Project have ever made it to the silver screen without its viral advertising campaigns? Bearing in mind that last year saw the release of the 4th biggest grossing movie of all time (The Dark Knight), surely this is an indication that illegal file sharing isn’t as damaging as the industry are making out.

But then again what would I know? I’m only a media studies teacher. Let’s leave the decision in the hands of the 60 year old never-had-a-facebook-profile-in-their-lives politicians.



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