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The onslaught has begun April 11, 2010

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Perfectly timed for your exams this year is the general election, an event which manipulates the media to its full effect with an onsluaght of spin, all carefully designed to confuse the hell out of you prior to election day. Despite the fact that some of you may not be old enough to vote, the election has untold relevence to media studies. I’ve already discussed The Sun’s switch to supporting the conservatives on this blog, and the fact that the Conservatives are wanting to move towards scrapping the license fee means that Rupert Murdoch’s News International Group is set to become even more powerful should the Tories win.

But back to my reasons for this post. Last week whilst enjoying my run on the Welly road I was bombarded with a number of billboards which informed me how Gordon Brown has effectively screwed the country over. Case in point below.

Another of these posters informs us that Brown was responsible for the rise in youth unemployment. Hold on one second, wasn’t youth unemployment caused by greedy banking institutions borrowing money left right and centre which eventually led to one of the biggest recessions the world has ever seen? Or was that Brown’s fault? Either way, rather than insist on a very public slanging match, how’s about letting us, the general public, hear about some of your policies?

The first rule of advertising is to sell your product. What these adverts do is merely criticise other products out there on the market with unsubstantiated claims. Had a commercial advertiser pulled the same trick, I am sure that the ASA would have something to say about it.

Next up on their election trail is this plonker:

This is Chris Grayling, shadow home secretary for the Tories, who got himself in trouble recently when he stated that B&B owners should be able to turn away gay customers, which, according to the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007 is illegal. Put it this way, it’s like a politician saying that B&B owners can turn away black customers if they so wish.

Naturally, gay voters are now calling for Grayling to be sacked, and this weekend organised a FlashMob outside the Conservative HQ. Quick to act, the Tories have released  a whole pledge of promises to say that they will “consider” the concept of gay marriage and also tackle homophobic bullying in schools. Good job that. I mean, who else could tackle homophobic bullying better than a bunch of Eton educated homophobes who probably spent their teenage years being rogered senseless by other closet cases?

Please keep your eyes out for stories like these in the lead up to the election as they will really help your responses to exam questions.



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