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April 27, 2010

Posted by N.C.OnlineTraining in Uncategorized.

You lot know how much I love South Park, and how wonderful for me that they’ve recently got themselves into a bit of trouble meaning that I get to discuss the show on the blog.

South Park reached it’s 200th episode recently, and to celebrate they brought back some of their most famous and controversial storylines, including multiple references to Tom Cruise being a fudge packer (in all literal sense of the term) as well as the welcome return of Jennifer Lopez, one of my favourite characters.

But what’s got them into trouble is their depiction of the prophet Muhammad dressed in a bear costume. So incensed were a group of New York extremist Muslim activists that they stated on their website Revolutionmuslim.com that the shows creators could end up like Theo van Gogh, a director who was murdered by Muslim radicals in 2004 for his depiction of Muslim women in a short film.

Surprisingly, the creators of South Park took the threats seriously, and in the second part of the two part episode, all audio and visual references to Muhammad were bleeped out. There’s a fantastic write up on the Guardian website which is worth a read.

The episode raises a number of issues with regards to regulation. A number of other Gods were depicted in the show and nobody complained. Should the creators have bowed to the censors? Should the authorities be taking action against those who made the death threats?



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